Increased safety and reliability for winding

Modern high-performance roller cards have huge potential with regard to quality assurance and service life. To fully utilise this potential while maintaining low costs, the use of a winding tool specific to the clothing is recommended.

Since a different winding tool cannot be held ready for each type of clothing, TCC has developed the T-winder. It can be used for all roller cards thanks to its unique, stable design. Due to the specially-developed ceramic wire guide all wire gauges and types can be mounted with the T-winder.

In combination with the entirely new traveller guide, the decoupling of the wire-guiding elements of the T-Winder guarantees a constant winding tension which is free of external influences. The T-Winder is the only winding device which shows the real winding force. The special geometry of the front bracket prevents vibrations as well as the influence of “false forces” during winding. The hinged quick-release fastener on the T-winder with dual clamping device means it can be quickly fitted and removed in order to reduce maintenance times. Furthermore, various setting options on the T-Winder mean that work on rolls in the roller card which are difficult to access can also be carried out.

Top-wire + top winder = top performance
  • Simple working mode
  • One device for all cards
  • Utmost flexibility
  • For all wire types
  • Easy assembly
  • Short downtimes
  • Constant winding tension thanks to the special ceramic guide
  • Permanent display of the actual winding tension